DD 1172-2 2014 - 2019
DD 1172-2 2014 - 2019

DD Form 1172-2 in PDF 2014-2019

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DD form 1172-2 instructions


The DD 1172-2 is the application for an identification card for military sponsors, employees or those who are retired and their families. It is filled out when an individual wants to update or add new information about himself or his relatives entitled to such benefits as TRICARE in the DEERS database. Application for ID is easily filled online in PDF format. The current version of the form, as well as detailed instructions for it, can be found in PDFfiller library via search option. The armed forces officer should provide this template as soon as possible to avoid further misunderstandings.


Filling out DD form 1172-2


If the person changes his or her address or type of employment or any other change happened with his family member then DD 1172-2 form should be completed. It is connected with individuals that get help in such directions as insurance, medicine or dental treatment in accordance with TRICARE program. If the applicant or his spouse, or family members are supplied with the Medicare program, provide this data as well. To successfully fill out a sample online keep following tips that are given below:


  1. Open the template in the editor and read all the given prompts.
  2. Provide all the required information using the text tool or add the fillable fields to the document.
  3. To include fields, open the right-side green tab and select the type of option you want to use.
  4. To add a checkmark select the corresponding item in the top tools panel. Place the mark in front of the point you want to agree with.
  5. Mind, that the sample contains numerous abbreviation. To type in them correctly, apply to the detailed instruction.
  6. Additionally, the user needs to indicate the sponsor’s or employee pay grade code and Social Security Number or Foreign National Identification Number.
  7. Sign the application using the signature wizard. The autograph, drawn with a finger, touchpad or mouse is legally binding.
  8. Once the template completed, the applicant can send it via e-mail, save or download its printable variant.


Every family member, including children under the age of 10 should be registered in the DEERS office and have a personal ID card. To change information in the database, the sample should be supplied by the originals or true copies of the supporting documents.


The document is usually answered within ninety days after the date it was signed by the sponsor and verified by a notary.

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